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Nate Carney

Nate Carney is a man that believes in solving problems and developing teams with that same commitment. Sharing his skills and knowledge are something that he really enjoys.

Early Life

Nate was born in Lancaster, Ohio in 1980. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Burlington, Kentucky, a small town in the northern tip of Kentucky. Nate's dad was a general contractor and his mother was a stay at home mom. When Nate was young he had a difficult time in school. Later in life he learned that he had a form of dyslexia. In spite of this, Nate went on to serve in the US Navy, attended graduate school and started a successful HVAC, electric and plumbing service company serving the Washington DC metro area.  


When Nate was a young man, still in high school, he started working with his dad in the construction management business on weekends and during this summer. This was when he first learned how to manage projects in HVAC, electric and plumbing trades. Nate graduated high school in 1999 and joined the US Navy where he served our country as a hospital corpsman for five years. After being honorably discharged, he went back home and worked for the United Methodist Church during his undergraduate and graduate studies. After graduation, Nate returned to the building engineering trades and sought a formal education and certification specifically in electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering. This training earned him key positions in several engineering firms, most notably GDF Suez, a company that provides facilities management services around the world. This company brought Nate to Washington DC where he was a site manager for a large maintenance contract at Reagan National Airport for several years. In 2015 Nate was inspired and ready to launch his own company and it has been growing ever since.


  • BA Philosophy, Northern Kentucky University, 2006
  • MPA, Northern Kentucky university, 2008
  • EET Gateway Technical College, 2011


  • Potomac Job Corps
  • Job Training
  • Teaching 

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Dyslexia and Business Ownership

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